Joining Norland

Admission, Registration & Visits

Norland Place educates boys aged 4-8 (Reception-Year 3) and girls aged 4-11 (Reception-Year 6).

The structure and progression throughout the school are designed to prepare boys for 8+ exit examinations to their Preparatory Schools, and girls for 11+ exit examinations to their Senior Schools.

Children are taught in one of two parallel, co-educational classes in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. 

In Year 3, the children are separated into a boys’ class and a girls’ class.  This sets the scene for the boys to focus on their 8+ exit examinations (taken in Year 3) and for the girls to embark on their journey, in one single sex class, through the Upper Years to their 11+ exit examinations in Year 6.

In the Lower Years (Reception-Year 2), there is a focus on developing the basic skills of literacy and numeracy but the children are also introduced to a range of other subjects (French, music, art, PE and ICT) through subject specialist teachers.  The school has an EYFS exemption in place.

In the Upper Years (Years 3-6) children are increasingly taught by subject specialists.  For girls in Years 4-6, these subjects will include maths, English, science and the humanities, in addition to those mentioned above.

Boys leave Norland at the end of Year 3 and girls depart at the end of Year 6.

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Children usually begin at Norland in Reception, in the September following their fourth birthday.  At this stage, entry is non-selective.  It is, however, also possible to join the school at a later stage, in another Year Group, subject to an occasional vacancy arising.  These admissions are subject to a short academic assessment.

Reception Entry


Children usually enter Norland in Reception, in one of two parallel, coeducational classes.  These classes are arranged primarily on a winter/summer birthday basis to give an ‘older’ and a ‘younger’ class.  For the most part, each class comprises 12 boys and 12 girls. 

Children are not selected on the basis of their academic ability at this stage, and are admitted in the September following their fourth birthday.


Children should be registered as soon as possible after birth. We operate both a 'definite list' and a 'waiting list'.

Four ‘definite’ places (two boys’ and two girls’) are allocated to children born in each calendar month, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once these places have been distributed each month, subsequent registrations are given ‘waiting list’ places.  Families with waiting list places should be reassured that we do make use of the waiting list every year.

Norland Place operates a sibling policy whereby children who have older brothers or sisters in the school are given priority on the waiting list if it has not been possible to allocate a definite place at the time of registration.

 request a Registration Form sent by post
 download a printable PDF Registration Form
Visiting Norland Place

All prospective parents, on both the ‘definite’ and ‘waiting list’, are given the opportunity to meet the Headmaster and to tour the school.   The scheduling of these visits necessarily follows a prescribed format, and the school will initiate contact with registered parents to advise of arrangements.

Appointments are made for the year preceding entry to Norland. This ensures that parents see Norland close to the point of entry and so have an informed view of the school before accepting a place. It also helps parents tailor questions according to the emergent characteristics and personalities of their children.

Parents who have ‘definite’ places are approached by the school a year and a half before entry, at which stage an appointment will be offered to visit the school during the course of the ensuing Summer Term.

Parents with ‘waiting list’ places are approached a year before entry to make appointments to visit Norland during the following Autumn and Spring Terms.

All appointments have a maximum of two families attending at a time.  Please note that these meetings are for parents only.

For practical reasons, we are regrettably unable to hold Open Days.

Years 1 - 6 Entry


Occasional vacancies can occur at levels above our normal intake year, however in such cases children are normally expected to sit a short assessment before a place is offered. This is to ensure that pupils joining the school are academically in line with their peers and will therefore easily be able to adapt to life at Norland.


Parents seeking entry for a child at any stage other than the September Reception intake are invited to contact the school Registrar in the first instance to ascertain if a suitable place is available.

If, following consultation, it is agreed to proceed with an application, parents will be asked at that stage to complete the school’s Registration Form.

A date will be arranged for the child to come into school to sit a short assessment with a member of the teaching staff.

Visiting Norland Place

A meeting with the Headmaster and a tour of the school will normally be organised to coincide with a child’s assessment at the school.