Lunch is an important part of the day for growing children, and this is reflected in the care taken by our chef Brodrick and his in-house team to provide a healthy, balanced and nutritional daily meal for the children.

We offer a family lunch service, with children being encouraged from their very first day at Norland to eat with a knife and fork and engage in quiet conversation. Children in Years 4-6 sit in mixed tables to encourage integration between year groups, with the Year 6 children overseeing service on each table. Pre-Prep year groups sit in their own class groups.

A three-weekly cycle of seasonal menus is offered. Daily deliveries of fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products are used, as is meat from by award winning butcher HG Walter of Barons Court. Each lunch service is freshly prepared in our school kitchen.

Lunch includes fresh crudités every day, bread, a main and a vegetarian choice, with gluten free and dairy free options available as required. Homemade soup is also available to Prep School children. Fresh fruit is offered daily, and where a more traditional pudding is served (generally 3 days per week), portion sizes and levels of sugar are carefully monitored.

A mid-morning snack, with milk where requested, is also provided daily. This may be fruit, cheese and crackers or a plain biscuit, and an additional savoury item for children in Years 4-6, to take account of their longer day and later lunch sitting.